Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last day of public school

Friday was Kiddo's last day. She was sobbing when we picked her up. Her principal hugged her. Everything felt wrong on the way home. What am I doing??? I worried over this change. Should I really put her through this...

Wait. This is one day. She didn't know how things were going to go. We had not had the first day yet! (I know I need to wait and see.) 

I have spent the weekend rearranging the diningroom. It's classroomish enough for right now. I created a dry erase board from recycling a framed print from the thrift store. I just cleaned the glass well and put white paper behind the glass. It's good enough for right now. You don't have to spend a million dollars redoing the house. My diningroom will still be where we eat. The goal is to make tidying up and putting things away part of our end of school ritual each day so that dinner goes onto a clean and clutter free table. School will meet a clean table the next day. 

I know that these things matter more to me than they will to her, but I want her to see how serious I am. I am at that moment in this change where I am ready to start, but can't rush. I need to give her a couple of days to deschool her noggin. Tomorrow, we are going to read and discuss and see where we end up. We might spend the day with Ramona or some unicorns, ex-presidents or super heroes. I think reading and talking about what we read in a deeper context than we usually do will help both of us open up our teacher and student selves. I have always helped her and taught her things but it was as Mommy. I am going to have to tap into a teaching voice to be a bit different. 

She is going to challenge me. We are going to butt heads. There will be tears, stomping away, and it will be tough here and there. But we can do this. 

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